Boiler Antiscalent Chemical

Boiler Antiscalant


U.S.Steriles manufactures Boiler Antiscalant Chemical used to treat boiler internal tubes for sludge conditioning, scale and corrosion inhibition.

It gives excellent cleanliness of boiler internals by preventing scale, metal ions and metal oxide deposits formation with very low dosing compared to other products.
It gives protection to the boiler against Scales, Silica & calcium depositions, corrosion & foaming. It prevents scale or contamination in boilers.
It has been added with corrosion inhibitor which helps in prevention of corrosion.

GRAMICICD-22 is the finest Scale controller & Sludge conditioner for boiler. It gives successful results in both Low Pressure Boiler and Medium Pressure Boiler.

It helps to keep expedited salts in suspension and prevents deposition and sludge formation.

DOSAGE : 15-20 ppm. (15-20ml of chemical in 1000liters of water) to be dosed in feed water tank. It is non-corrosive in nature. Please refer our technical executive for exact dosage.

PACKING : Available in 30 Kg and 50 Kg.


  • Effectively controls and prevents scale formation and also removes sludge easily
  • Works as both Antiscalant and pH booster
  • Inhibits sludge formed due to metal ions and metal oxide deposits
  • As precipitated calcium salts, iron and silica are conditioned and kept free flowing, thus can be easily removed during routine blow down.
  • It eliminates the losses incurred due to shut down of the plant for offline descaling and passivation
  • Keeps the boiler internals like blow down valves, pipes and water tubes etc. clean, reducing maintenance costs and the number of shutdowns for cleaning. Also minimizes down time for maintenance.
  • Easy to use, Highly effective with  low dosing and Cost effective.
  • Universal use
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