Boiler Water Treatment Chemical

U.S.Steriles is Boiler Chemicals Manufacturer GRAMICID-22 which reduce the power consumption by increasing efficiency of the system and functionality.

 These chemicals are mainly used in F & B industries, Dairy & Ice-Cream industries, Breweries, Pharmaceuticals industries, Chemical industries, Textile industries with the best results than expected.

  • GRAMICID-22 the Boiler Chemical depends on the latest technology which is advanced, Filming Amine-Based 3 in 1 Boiler Chemical that works as a Sludge Conditioner; Scale Inhibitor and Oxygen Scavenger and also maintains the alkalinity of water.
  • GRAMICID-22 is a combination of Polyamine film forming compound, Neutralizing Amine, Alkalizing Amine, Complexing agent, Oxygen Scavenger & Dispersing Agent.
  • GRAMICID-22 forms a physical barrier to prevent the contact of  metal  surface  with  Oxygen,  Carbon Dioxide, Corrosion products & scale forming ions, thus inhibits deposition as well as corrosion for boiler water system.
  • GRAMICID-22 is a combination of Complexing Agent & Dispersing agent, which inhibit the scale formation in system which minimizes the Silica fouling
  • High thermal conductivity of Amine film and clean surface of heat transfer area of boiler saves energy.

U.S.Steriles has customized its unique 3 in 1 Boiler Chemical GRAMICID-22.

1.      GRAMICID-22 LP for Low Pressure Boiler

2.      GRAMICID-22 MP for Medium Pressure Boiler

Available in container of 30kgs and 50 Kg.



  • It prevents scale formation and boiler deposition
  • Removes hardness of water
  • Inhibits sludge formed due to metal ions and metal oxide deposition
  • Keeps the boiler internals clean and minimizes down time for maintenance
  • Maintain alkalinity of water
  • compatible with other boiler water chemicals
  • Universal use
  • Low Dosing and Highly Cost Effective
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