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Metal Treatment Chemical

metal treatment chemicals
metal treatment chemicals
chemicals for metal treatment
paint remover chemical

U.S.Steriles is a manufacturer of Metal Treatment Chemical. These products help in maintenance of the metal and keep it in good condition.

PACKING : Available in container of 30kg and  50 Kg


    METACOAT a biodegradable, non pollutant  is formulated for the purpose of long term rust protection.
    It is solvent based product, made out of carefully selected additives, which offers cold rolled (galvanized) steel, tubes & pipes excellent corrosion protection in condensation & open shed condition, for finished products like roofing’s, seamless tubes, conveyors & auto components, where long term rust protection is required in idle conditions
    Metacoat a Non-staining and long lasting formulation in presence of high performance additives ensures you better corrosion protection.
    It forms a thin solid layer on the surface of component after 8 hours of application, touch dry 15 minutes and gives up to 18 months protection in indoor condition & 12 months in outdoor conditions.

  • GRAM-PR:
    Gram-PR is a solvent based chemical having heavy duty paint removing capability it is used for removing automobile paints and synthetic paints.
  • PreWeld:
    Its thin film acts as barrier between work piece and hot material and thus protects work-piece and equipment.Surplus PreWeld Welding Protection Spray vaporizes away on the hot surface of the work piece.
  • UniSol: Solvent based de-oiling/de-greasing chemical for various industries including Engineering, Textiles, Hardware, Automotive, Adhesive, Electrical & Electronics, Paper & Ink industries, Metal industry & Vapor degreasing, etc.
  • GRAM-RC: Rust Converter is a phosphate based chemical. Gram-RC converts rust into protective black coating
  • GRAM-RPO: Rust Preventive Oil[Non Drying]for protection of metal.
  • GRAM-TC: Formulation for cleaning Oil tank and oil spill dispersion.
  • GRAM-NBL: Formulation for loosening Nut and bolt & rust remover product for general maintenance.
  • GRAM-CC: Carbon Removing chemical.
  • GRAM-DRH: Inhibited Phosphoric Acid based de-rusting compound.
  • GRAM-SSC: Formulation for stainless steel cleaning and removing of all type of scales & prevent corrosion in dairy, food & beverage industry.
  • GRAM-DRL: De-rusting solvent.
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