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Effluent Treatment Chemicals

U.S.Steriles is engaged in Effluent Treatment Chemical & Garbage Spray Chemical. It is a better solution and treating Industrial effluent. It is also used for Detoxification, Odor masking.


  • GRAMICID-E is a complex formulation of two components hydrogen peroxide and silver since both the components are known biocides and when combined together give a synergetic effect thus obtaining better results even at very low concentration for a longer time.
  • Nearly every Industry has problem of toxic waste in one form or another with increasingly stringent regulation and closing of Landfills and deep injection wells.
  • GRAMICID-E is highly effective in treating effluent waste produced in any form whether gaseous, solid or liquid wherever oxidation is the effective method of handling effluent such as amines, aldehydes hydroquinones, mercaptans, phenols, reduced sulphur compounds, chlorine, cyanides, chromium, iron, nitrous, oxides and other pollutants.
  •  In many situation bio-oxidation process does not work as expected it is then appropriate to consider chemical oxidation as a means of achieving the increasingly severe standards imposed to preserve the quality of the environment.
  • For this purpose a number of oxidants have been considered, for examples air, pure oxygen, ozone, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, permanganate and GRAMICID-E.
  • GRAMICID-E is excellent for odour masking

PACKING : Available in container of 30 Kg and 50 Kg

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