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Food Grade Mineral Additives

Water Minerals are a part of water treatment process which involves desalinization, remineralization, alkalinity boosting etc.

They help in maintaining mineral composition of water. These chemicals act as a natural buffer and serve to be a good nutrient additives, electrolyte replenisher and several minerals supplement.

Use: pH adjustment, softening, corrosion control, membrane filtration, carbon absorption etc.

Food Grade – FSSAI Approved
Product Name Water Mineral AdditiveMineral Names
PYORAA Calcium ChlorideCalcium Chloride dihydrate
PYORAA Magnesium SulphateMagnesium Sulphate
PYORAA Potassium BicarbonatePotassium Bicarbonate
PYORAA Sodium BicarbonateSodium Bicarbonate
PYORAA Sodium ChlorideSodium Chloride
PYORAA Sodium MetabisulphiteSodium Metabisulphite
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