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pH Maintenance Chemical

We, U.S. STERILES take pleasure in providing the pH Booster Chemical and pH Reducer Chemical. We manufacture these Chemicals which are essential in almost every industry to maintain a steady range of pH throughout their processes.

GRAMICID-PHB ( PH Booster Chemical )

  • GRAMICID–PHB – pH BOOSTER is formulated to increase the pH of water and also replaces soda ash and lime in water treatment
  • DOSAGE : GRAMICID-PHB is generally dosed at 50 ppm for increasing the pH of 1 full unit also depending upon the feed water characteristic and alkalinity requirements. ( Example : from pH 6.0 to 7.0)
  • GRAMICID-PHB is available in both liquid and powder form

GRAMICID-PHR ( PH Reducer Chemical )

  • GRAMICID–PHR is formulated to reduce the pH of water
  • Low dosing and Cost effective program for reducing the pH

PACKING : Available in packing of 10 Kg and 30 Kg.

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