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Multipurpose Liquid Detergent

Multipurpose Liquid Detergent

U.S.Steriles has a range of Multipurpose Liquid Detergent. The liquid detergents, are formulation of anionic surfactants. It contains wetting agent that allows rapid penetration to remove fat, oil, grease, petroleum sludge & grime.
Our Multipurpose Liquid Detergent can be used in various industries like in food and beverage industry, dairy industry, Pharmaceutical industry, hospitals/clinics, drinking water industries, Automobile Garages etc.

Products based on formulation of anionic given as below:-

  • FINEWASH               General Purpose liquid Detergent
  • FINEWASH-J           Jar Cleaning Liquid Detergent
  • FINEWASH-HW       Liquid Hand wash
  • AUTOWASH             Liquid Detergent for Automobiles

PACKING: Available in packing of 20 Kg, 30 Kg and 50 Kg.


FINEWASH is utilized to adapt clean and tidy surroundings.

It can be used for cleaning of woodwork, leather and desk, cleaning of equipment’s, cleaning of windows; floor & walls. It can be also used for vehicle cleaning and general industrial cleaning purpose.

APPLICATION AND DOSAGE : To be used in ratio of 2-5% dilution.

FINEWASH solution can be applied simply by moping brushes or rags.

liquid detergent


FINEWASH-J the Jar Cleaning Liquid Detergent which is specially formulated to clean/wash jars, bottles in drinking water companies.

It has nil residues. Does Not cause alteration to taste of food/ substance.

It is used to clean Jars, specially used in Packaged Drinking Water Companies, Food and Beverages, etc.

APPLICATION AND DOSAGE : To be used in ratio of 2-5% dilution.

jar cleaning chemical


FINEWASH-HW  is formulated using quality ingredients with low foaming qualities. It washes; kill germs and other impurities without any harm to skin.

AUTOWASH (Automobiles-Vehicle Wash)

AUTOWASH is a specialty liquid cleaner for outer surface in AUTOMOBILE Industries. It is specially used for Vehicle wash, E.g. Car, Bikes. Etc.

APPLICATION AND DOSAGE : The solution can be applied simply by moping brushes or rags.

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