pH Booster Chemical

pH Booster Chemical

We, U.S.STERILES are engaged in manufacturing “pH Booster Chemicals” for treating the the water. The use of GRAMICID-PHB replaces soda ash and lime in water treatment. It has many advantages from the standpoint of pH control and softening.The method for chemical treatment of water will vary considerably based
on the water analysis and the quality of water desired. In many plants, the use of GRAMICID-PHB may be the only chemical required to give the desired properties.

  • Improves Combustion.
  • Reduces Carbon/Ash Deposit.
  • Overall improvement of fuel combustion and economy.
  • Limits soot formation and smoke emission.
  • Cold end corrosion is reduced.
  • Extended service life of engine components.
  • Very effective with low dosing

Dosage :-
This runs in the range of 7 ppm to 40 ppm for GRAMICID-PHB to raise the pH to 7.5- 8.0. This should be considered very seriously by plants using a process to control pH.

Available in container of 20/30/50 Kgs. Jerry Cans.

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